What kind of WASHLET is available?

(1) Integrated Toilet Type
TOTO’s signature suites collection – NEOREST series seamlessly combines technology, comfort, and design to make everyday life more pleasant and convenient. NEOREST integrated toilet is an compact, one-piece, skirted toilet and bidet combined with technology packed in both construction and electronically controlled features. There is an automatic opening and closing of the lid, which then triggers the automatic flushing feature. The seat is also heated and the different spray features can be adjusted for both direction and temperature. These functions along with the variable warm air drying can be adjusted via the wireless remote control pad. 

 (2) WASHLET Seat for New / Existing One Piece Toilet Type
The standalone WASHLET can be attached to most existing toilet bowls or any of TOTO toilet bowl without the WASHLET pre-installed. TOTO WASHLET comes in various shapes and sizes for different designs and various functions. All WASHLET model carries basic features such as adjustable cleansing mode, both directions, and temperature, built-in air purifier and deodorizer and energy-saving features.

Is the electricity required to use WASHLET?

WASHLET uses electricity for its functions and features, and therefore it’s required to be plugged into an outlet.

A Power Outlet will be necessary to be installed near the toilet. Find out more below on our installation guide. It’s also recommended to contact our professional sales consultant for more details.



Does the size and shape of my toilet bowl matter what WASHLET I buy?

Choosing the right WASHLET to fit to your toilet bowl is important as TOTO WASHLET comes in varies shape and sizes. Hence, pay close attention to the size and shape of your existing or new toilet bowl they vary by design.

I don’t own a TOTO toilet, can i still install TOTO WASHLET on non-TOTO toilet bowl?


Subjected to the toilet’s shape and size, as well as the distance between the seat and cover bolt holes.

You will be required to remove your existing toilet seat to get the accurate measurements of the distance between the bolt holes, and also the distance from the bolts holes to the front of your toilet’s tank.

TOTO Universal Base Plate ( sold separately ) can be used to adjust the distance of the bolt holes to get the best fit.